The Meorot, sisterhood of Kehillat Nofei Hashemesh spiritually and socially enriches the lives of our community. Its programming helps enrich the connection of the women to each other and to the community.  In addition to an erev gibbush, shul shabbaton, and events for women, the women of Meorot organize mishloach manot for the shul, as well as bring more chessed and Torah to the community. There are monthly shiurim given by the women of the community for the women of the community, as well as a weekly nach chaburah.  Its many committees allow the opportunity for people to get involved. The Chesed committee welcomes new members, coordinates meals for families with new babies, and for, lo alienu shiva homes. Many of the events are established to develop friendships within the community and provide opportunities for the families to socialize and get to know one another, from the new member event, to hikes and shabbatonim away.

The Meorot Board

Rachel Gruenspecht - President

Oshrit Alfasi - Member

Sara Beinenstock - Member

Sharon Lupas - Member

Aliza Miller - Member

Audrey Rosenstein - Member

Rena Laufer - Chesed Committee

Lisa Schlussel - Chesed Committee

Melissa Rayman - Shiur Coordinator

 חג כשר ושמח מקהילת נופי השמש