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  • We are reaching out to find one thousand people to donate $100 each as part of an ambitious fundraising program called “Meah Mei’Elef”.
  • As the name suggests, we need to raise over $100,000 to complete the initial stage of the Bet Knesset.
  • Rav Rosner, a world-class talmid chacham, tremendous ba’al middot and fantastic maggid shiur, has countless shiurim on the web which attract thousands of listeners daily.  This shul will be the new base where he will give these shiurim, which is truly a fulfillment of the pasuk “Ki Mitzion Teitzei Torah”.
  • An anonymous donor will match the first $36,000 raised. Every $100 donation nets the shul $200!
  • We have until Sunday April 17th to raise the matching funds, so please participate immediately, as every donation is important.
  • All donations of $100 will automatically be entered into a drawing for an iPad filled with Shiurim from Rav Rosner. So you can get a mitzvah and also win an iPad too!
  • Please click the button to the right to donate now.
  • Your involvement really makes a difference!

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For Canadian Donors

Checks can be made payable to Central Fund of Israel and mailed to: "Central Fund of Israel, c/o Marcus Brothers Textile, 980 6th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018 and write "Nofei Hashemesh" in the memo, or you can click here to donate online

Online fundraising for Nofei Hashemesh: Meah Mei'Elef Campaign

 יום העצמעות שמח מקהילת נופי השמש